Autumn Information Systems has expertise in hardware, software systems and networks and our offering encompasses the following:


Consultancy & Design

Project management

Technical Implementation

Asset Management

Deployment Expertise


Our Professional Services ensure that our deliverables match your business requirements now, and can scale to meet future demands. As a vendor independent organization, we have a broad base of technical skills. This will provide our valued customers industry knowledge and experience at many different levels. This enables us to offer you the appropriate consultant and implementation engineer for your particular project. No matter how small or large your project, we establish your exact requirements, make recommendations and architect a solution that extends and optimizes your IT environment.

All our Professional Services personnel work with your standards and methodology to achieve successful completion of all projects. We will meet or exceed your expectations in regards to your specified time scales and your budget. Projects are executed at a convenient time for you, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations and freeing up your valuable time to perform your regular tasks and focus on your core business objectives.

Professional Services - Systems
When it comes to project work encompassing your internal systems, our dedicated team of technicians, backed up by project consultants, is able to deliver fast effective and flexible solutions to meet your exact project needs. We offer:

Hardware and Software Installation, Configuration and Deployment

Hardware and Software Audits

Desktop Technology Refresh & Upgrade Portable Appliance Testing

Our system capabilities include, but are not limited to:

HP/Compaq, IBM, Apple, Cisco, F5 Networks, SMC

Microsoft, Novell, Oracle and Citrix server based computing technologies

UNIX and Wintel operating systems

Intel Based Solutions

Our technicians follow vendor training schedules and regular refresher courses in addition to internal training programs, to ensure you have the right skill set and level as and when you require it.

Professional Services - Networks
LAN, WAN and Security skills are core to our Professional Services competencies. Our skill levels span the routine installation and configuration of devices, network architecture design and capacity planning. We work with you to ensure your network is sufficiently flexible, secure and robust for your office and mobile users alike, facilitating the smooth running of your organization.

Our technology capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Ethernet technologies, Wireless LANs, Virtual Private Networks;

Switches, routers, hubs, NICs, hardware and software based firewalls.

Storage Solutions
With the advent of the Internet, and the proliferation of e-mail and customer relationship applications, the business demands on storage continue to increase relentlessly. AIS employs SAN (Storage Area Network) + NAS (Network Attached Storage) experts to design your growing storage in various environmental installations. Network storage is a discipline in it's own right, so we have taken the time to fully understand these to solutions in order to help you make the right choice for your business today and in the future.

Companies increasingly view their data as their most valuable asset, placing a high priority on fast, managed access, and absolute reliability. AIS Storage designs incorporate redundancy options and the latest technology, ensuring maximum availability with the performance you demand of your network. We provide integrated hardware and software infrastructure solutions, form design through to implementation and support.